Eyes on your fleet

wherever your business takes you.

Parking and positioning assets has traditionally been an inefficient and frustrating part of fleet operations. Outpost is changing that.

Our technology platform is based on direct feedback from fleets and owner-operators and from firsthand experience operating our nationwide network of truck yards. The platform combines proprietary hardware, computer vision, video streaming, inventory management, AI, and analytics to give trucking companies a virtual network of their own terminals, connecting operations teams with their equipment and drivers while providing a level of control and visibility previously unattainable.

Truck yard tech that transforms operations.

Fleet Managers

Outpost eliminates the headaches of finding and managing parking for your drivers while providing you with visibility into your assets’ location, condition, and security.

Truck Drivers

Outpost makes it easy to check in and out of every one of our yards, providing you with a hassle-free experience while giving you peace of mind that your equipment is safe.

Real Estate Owners

Outpost helps you maximize the yield on your industrial outdoor storage investments through hardware and software that bring your yard online and improve its efficiency.

Book and manage parking reservations nationwide.

Easily find your next Outpost

Our customer portal includes a map of all our yard locations and partner yards as well as properties we’re opening in the coming months. Click on a yard to view location details and then book your long-term, monthly, or daily reservation online.

See real-time asset inventory

At each yard, you can see how many tractor, trailer, combo, and personal vehicle reservations you’ve booked along with a real-time inventory of what you’ve currently got parked onsite. Our AI-enabled cameras with staff verification ensure that every entry and exit is accurately captured, helping you make more informed decisions about asset routing and scheduling.

Reduce billing hassles

Outpost provides a simple and consistent way to access invoices across all our yards. You get full transparency into your reservations by space type as well as actual usage and overages, allowing you to track your expenses and maintain control over your parking operations.

Outpost is modernizing truck and trailer parking by using new, innovative technology. Our professional drivers appreciate the easy in and out experience, we get peace of mind in knowing that our customers’ cargo and equipment is secure, and the visibility we have of our assets is extremely convenient.– Ryan Gass, Vice President of Terminal Management

Get peace of mind in knowing your assets are secure.

Personalized access control

Outpost puts you in control of how your drivers, contractors, and vendors access each yard. Assign unique codes per location or driver, ensuring secure and streamlined access when they arrive at the gate. And for added flexibility, you can generate one-time use codes for your contractors, vendors, and other temporary visitors.

AI intrusion detection

Every Outpost yard has barbed wire or electric perimeter fencing to help deter cargo and equipment theft. In addition, our pole cameras keep watch over every inch of the property, using AI to detect people and instantly alert our monitoring team to any suspicious activity.

AI license and vehicle identification

With every check-in and check-out, our cameras capture multiple views of your trucks and trailers, using AI with human verification to accurately scan license plates, USDOT, MC, tractor, and trailer numbers. This provides you with detailed, verifiable data for each turn at our yards, ensuring your assets move as expected and are hauled by the right personnel.

Outpost is becoming an extension of our terminal network. The real-time yard visibility helps us operate more efficiently and securely, and it provides a level of transparency we don’t get from other yard operators.– Rebecca Klitz, Facilities Project Manager

Get visibility into all your equipment.

AI damage detection

Every time your trucks enter and exit our yards, we use computer vision and AI to scan them for any visible damage, such as missing or damaged mud flaps. Our systems can then notify you about the issues via email or text.

Secure online portal

With every entry and exit recorded in detail, and with pole cameras continually capturing footage across the yard, you can check in on your vehicles 24 hours a day from anywhere using our secure online portal.

Eyes in the sky

Outpost’s yard cameras provide 360° visibility, 40x optical zoom, and infrared night vision to keep watch over every inch of our facilities and all of your assets day and night.

Deploying to Outpost truck yards across the nation.

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Whether you’re responsible for a fleet of assets, manage your own yards, or own and operate a trucking business, we’d love to connect.

To see a demo of our technology platform or learn more about how Outpost can help your business operate more efficiently, fill out the form on this page or email info@outpost.us.