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Maximize Your Property

Outpost is actively deploying $500M to acquire and develop truck terminals and IOS properties across the US. Don’t want to sell? No problem. We also partner with real estate owners and investors to maximize yields on your property by turning it into an Outpost.

Partner with Outpost

Filling a truck yard and operating it efficiently brings with it a long list of requirements—online visibility, flexible pricing, instant booking, modern security, access to national-tenant fleets, and technology to manage customer relationships at scale. Outpost can help.

We work with owners of individual lots, operators of regional truck parking networks, and industrial outdoor storage (IOS) investors across the US. We offer flexible options for full-service property management, long- and short-term leases, and land purchase agreements.

And if you’re a real estate broker, we’d love to chat. Outpost is an active buyer with a strong track record of closing deals with sellers from across the country.


Flexible Partnership Options

Outpost offers two engagement models to help ensure a mutually beneficial relationship that meets your strategic objectives.

Asset Management

We upgrade your facilities with modern hardware, software, and security to increase demand, streamline operations, and maximize returns.

Land Purchase

Outpost offers flexible purchase terms and an efficient experience from initial offer to closing, providing immediate liquidity and fair market value offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which markets is Outpost expanding?

We’re looking across the top 50 MSAs for opportunities near ports, rail intermodal sites, large distribution hubs, and major interstates. We take into account city-specific heavy industrial zoning considerations, and we use proprietary tools that leverage a range of data sources to determine where truck parking and trailer relays are most needed.

What do you typically look for in an IOS property?

Properties should have appropriate zoning and permits, be stabilized and graded, and have a base of concrete, asphalt, crushed concrete, or asphalt millings. Ideally, yards will already have perimeter fencing with barbed or razor wire, lighting that provides good visibility across all areas of the yard, and motorized gates.

How do your asset management agreements (AMAs) work?

In the last 18 months, we’ve gained a lot of traction with asset management, a model already proven in the car parking industry. We combine our unique technology and operations expertise, managing your yards on a rev share basis and enabling you to outperform traditional NNN lease rates. Given the increasing complexity involved in maximizing yard revenue per square foot, we believe AMAs will become the norm for truck parking in the years ahead. 

How do you upgrade yards as part of the asset management process?

We develop yards to stringent standards, including access control keypads and intercoms, fisheye cameras, license plate readers, truck scanners, perimeter fencing with barbed wire, LED lighting, and AI-powered gates. Our onsite and remote operations teams maintain 24/7 watch on all events at our yards. And our automated reporting and online tools provide transparency into billing and overages and visibility into assets stored in the yards.

How do you fill yards that have historically struggled with occupancy?

Outpost works with more than 2,000 fleets across the country. We count many of the largest asset carriers as national-tenant clients as well as midsized fleets, small trucking companies, and owner operators. In addition, we store a range of other commercial vehicles, including buses, heavy equipment, specialty vehicles, vans, and personal vehicles. Through data-driven targeting of sales prospects, multi-channel marketing campaigns, cross-selling within our existing customer base, and technology that allows us to manage customer relationships at scale, we quickly fill yards in order to maximize net operating income (NOI).

The Backbone of Freight Logistics

Fleet yards are essential infrastructure for the US supply chain. They provide safe parking for drivers, secure storage for trailers, and strategic locations for relays, maintenance, and other services. We’re building the nation’s leading network of these critical outposts.