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The Backbone of Freight Logistics

Truck parking is essential infrastructure for the US supply chain—no different from roads and bridges.

Outpost is transforming truck parking from an operational constraint into a strategic asset. Our nationwide network of secure yards helps trucking companies better serve existing customers, expand their transportation networks, and operate more efficiently.

It starts by addressing the severe truck parking shortage.

1 space
There's just one legal parking space for every eleven semi-trucks on the road.
1 hour
Truckers waste nearly an hour every day looking for legal places to park.
#1 issue
Parking has ranked as the top issue for truck drivers three years in a row.

Outpost is tackling the parking crisis by building one of the nation’s largest networks of secure truck yards. With every new Outpost yard, we’re chipping away at the shortage, offering fleets of all sizes and owner-operators more options, saving them time, and helping ensure the safety of their drivers and assets.

Beyond the immediate truck parking shortage, there’s a massive opportunity to turn truck yards into a competitive advantage.

For large fleets, terminals and truck yards provide strategic locations to better serve regional customers and operate more efficiently. But this real estate is inflexible to shifting freight demand and it’s cost-prohibitive for many midsized and small fleets.

Outpost is uniquely addressing this issue, providing fleets of all sizes and owner-operators with a nationwide network of secure yards that they can use as an extension of their logistics infrastructure. By providing our yards as a service, this real estate becomes a flexible asset that shifts with the demands of your business, unlocking greater fleet productivity while improving driver satisfaction and retention.


The Future of Fleet Yards

Outpost is building toward a future in which truck yards are shared infrastructure at the foundation of US freight logistics.

Optimized relay points

Freight networks will be built on a nationwide grid of truck yards that serve as highly optimized relay points, enabling fleets to keep their cargo moving while helping their drivers spend more time at home.

More accessible drop-and-hook

As fleets increasingly use truck yards as flexible infrastructure, it will open the door to more carriers benefitting from drop-and-hook freight, earning more while operating more efficiently.

Essential services for mixed fleets

As fleets evolve into a mix of internal combustion engine (ICE), electric vehicles (EV), and autonomous vehicles (AV), truck yards will provide essential maintenance, charging stations, and landing terminals.

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Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer
Trent Cameron
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Cofounder & Managing Director, Real Estate
Dennis Nabors
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Chief Technology Officer
Greg Akselrod
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Chief Financial Officer
Andrew DeLeo
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VP, Product
Mitch Violett
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VP, Sales and Operations
Pat Hardin
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VP, Marketing
Ari Bixhorn

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