Outpost Expands Midwest Footprint with 12.5-Acre Truck Yard in Columbus, Ohio

AUSTIN, March 14, 2024 – Outpost today announced the opening of a 12.5-acre semi-truck parking property at 3815 Lockbourne Industrial Parkway in Columbus, Ohio. The truck yard marks Outpost’s first location in the Columbus metropolitan area and its second Midwest yard opening in 2024. Reservations can be booked online at our Columbus location page.

The yard provides trucking companies and private fleets with a strategically positioned base for regional and intermodal freight movement. The location provides convenient access to Rickenbacker International Airport and major freight corridors including I-70, I-71, US Route 33, and the Ohio State Route 104 bypass. It also serves as a vital link in the national supply chain, with 50% of the U.S. population living within a 500-mile radius of Columbus.

The yard opens with more than 375 spaces for tractor-trailers and other heavy-duty vehicles. Daily, monthly, and long-term reservations are available to owner-operators and fleets of all sizes, and larger fleets can also reserve space by the acre. The yard features a combination of crushed concrete and asphalt surface along with dolly pads for trailer stabilization. Secure fencing with barbed wire, AI-powered gates, 4k cameras, and stadium lighting help ensure the safety of drivers and the security of assets and cargo.

“Columbus is a cornerstone of U.S. logistics, and now a hub in Outpost’s growing national network,” said Trent Cameron, CEO of Outpost. “For enterprise and midsized fleets, the site connects freight arteries running east-west and north-south, making it a strategic location for trailer staging and drop-and-hook relays. And for trucking companies of all sizes, the yard makes it possible to expand into the region without the need for major capital investments.”

The Columbus facility is Outpost’s fourth new yard opened since the start of 2024, and part of the company’s deployment of $500 million to expand its network of industrial outdoor storage sites. Real estate owners and brokers with potential deals should contact Dennis Nabors.