FAQ (Outpost)

Frequently Asked Questions

What length of reservations do you offer?

We offer daily, monthly, and long-term reservations. With daily, we offer prepaid options ranging from 1 to 10 days. With monthly reservations, we bill on the first of each month, and the first month is prorated where applicable. If you’re interested in longer-term reservations, call us at 234-OUTPOST (234-688-7678).

What types of parking spaces do you offer?

We offer semi-trailer, semi-tractor, combo (semi-tractor with trailer), and personal vehicle spaces.

What if I want to reserve more than one space?

You can reserve multiple spaces online. And if you need more than 20 spaces, you can call us to reserve by the acre, which provides you with a reserved section of the yard where you can stack units and optimize your space. If you’re interested in reserving by the acre, call us at 234-OUTPOST (234-688-7678) or email sales@outpost.us.

Do you allow parking of vehicles other than semi-trucks?

Absolutely. Our yards securely store trucks, buses, heavy equipment, specialty vehicles, vans and personal vehicles. In addition to dry van tractor-trailers, we can store the following vehicles at most of our yards: reefers, flatbeds, box trucks (straight trucks), car carriers, motorcoaches, school buses, shuttle buses, tow trucks, excavators, dump trucks, food trucks, sprinter vans, cargo vans, passenger vans, emergency vehicles, utility trucks, and some agricultural vehicles. If you have question about specific vehicle types, call us at 234-OUTPOST (234-688-7678) or email sales@outpost.us.

Can I book a reservation online?

Some of our locations allow you to book a reservation online. For yards that don’t have online checkout available, fill out a reservation request form, call us at 234-OUTPOST (234-688-7678), or email sales@outpost.us with details of your request including the location and number of spaces required.

How do I access the yard after I've booked my reservation?

You will either be contacted directly with access instructions or emailed a unique access code. If you are having issues accessing a yard, please reach out to the location contact found in your welcome email or call 234-OUTPOST (234-688-7678).

Do you operate all of the locations on your website?

We operate more than a dozen locations around the US and we’re quickly expanding the network of fleet yards that we operate. In areas where we don’t yet have a location, we work with partner yards that provide high standards for security and quality. On the webpage of each location, you’ll see “Operated by Outpost” or “Operated by an Outpost Partner.”

What is your cancellation policy?

Daily reservations are non-refundable. Monthly reservation renewals may be cancelled with 30 days’ notice. Long-term reservations are subject to the cancellation terms of each individual agreement. For more details on the terms of our parking agreement, visit our lease agreement page.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (which are subject to a 3% credit card processing fee) as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay on our online reservation system. In addition, we offer Direct Debit and ACH (Bank Transfer) payment methods. For any questions about our billing policies, email us at billing@outpost.us.